After-Hours Answering Service – A Great Boon to Busy Medical Practitioners and Medical Offices

Dealing with after-hours calls is a great headache to every medical office management. By implementing a 24/7 answering service, a medical office can handle such situations efficiently. If you are going to implement an automated service, then you should ensure that the service provided is HIPPA compliant. You have to select a HIPPA compliant service to ensure that the medical history records of the patients remain confidential. The features provided by different answering services and online appointment services will vary from each other. A most advanced system can handle emergency calls carefully and ensure that the emergency calls are directed to the corresponding medical practitioner.

An HIPPA compliant after-hours answering service is designed to give maximum privacy to both the patients and doctors. Providing confidentiality to the medical history is important to keep the reputation of the medical practice. Medical records are not accessible by any third party through this online system. Hence, doctors can use after-hours answering service to manage appointment calls and emergency calls to increase the reputation and integrity of their service. Dealing with after-hours calls with the help of a human receptionist poses several problems and it increases the expenses of the medical practitioners as they have to pay great amount of money as salary for people who work during night shifts.

Unlike a human receptionist, an automated answering service does not make errors while making appointments. An after-hours answering service is economical as it can work throughout the day without taking rest. It can handle almost all the tasks handled by a human receptionist. Certain after-hours answering services can converse in different languages, so that the patients can talk in their own language. The ability to converse in different languages definitely helps the patients in case of emergency as the patients are usually stressed while describing the situation.

The after-hours answering service can also be used as backup receptionist when your human receptionist is too busy to handle the calls. The most important advantage of this service is that it greatly reduces the no-shows of the patients after taking appointments. Implementing an automated answering service at your medical office helps you to relax and tension free, even during the busy hours of the day.


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